Rarbit PROF Fence: A Brief Film Analysis

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In the Australia film RABBIT PROOF FENCE 3 Aboriginal girls are forcibly removed from their families. The year is 1931 and they were taken from Jigalona WA 1500 miles to Moore riues to be trained as domestic servants. The Australian prime minister, Kevin Rudd, yesterday issued the text of the long-awaited apology to the country's Aboriginal population citing the "profound suffering, grief and loss" inflicted on them by decades of abuse and mistreatment. His words, contained in an Australian parliamentary motion, were directed to the "stolen generations" - the tens of thousands of mixed-race children taken from their families in a strategy of white assimilation only abandoned in 1970. But he also said sorry to all of Australia's indigenous people who still live on the margins of society, saying that in the future he wanted them to have the same opportunities as other Australians. Thousands of Aborigines…show more content…
Rudd, who won power last November, made an apology part of his election manifesto but has ruled out financial reparations. Yesterday, as part of the new era, Aborigines danced and sang at the opening of the Australian parliament and Aboriginal elder Matilda House gave a traditional greeting to MPs and senators gathered for the new parliamentary session. Rudd conceded: "It's taken us 41 parliaments to get here. Sometimes we are a bit slow." The Aboriginal Stolen Generation The Stolen Generation[->0] has had a traumatic effect on Aboriginal people, their identities and links with their Aboriginal culture. These tremendous effects are still continuing towards the Aboriginal society through the policies and practices that were in place at the time. The Stolen Generation[->1] destroyed numerous Aboriginals lives. The damage done to them has not been redeemed, after many

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