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in the essay ``it`s Over, Debbie a gynecology resident described ending the life of a 20-year-old cancer patient. But Fitzgerald said it was ``merely speculative`` whether the mercy killing actually occurred and, if it occurred in Cook County. The ruling was hailed Friday by the editor of the AMA journal, Dr. George Lundberg as setting a precedent that confirms that scientific and medical journals have the same fully freedom of the press as enjoyed by newspapers, television and other popular media.But State`s Atty. Richard M. Daley said the quashing of the subpoena``comes at a price each citizen of this country will have to individually assess`It was important to seek the identity of the person who authored the`Debbie` essay because the article appears to be a confession to murder. Even more disturbing, it is an unrepentant confession by one who justifies the murder of another human being.``…show more content…
According to the essay, published in January the woman weighed only 80 pounds and told the doctor, Let`s get this over with. He then gave her 20 milligrams of some morphine and watched her die just as he had calculated.The state`s attorney`s office sought to subpoena the journal, known as JAMA, so that the doctor could be found and possibly prosecuted.AMA General Counsel Kirk Johnson called Daley`s response to Friday`s ruling`disturbing particularly because the AMA journal had agreed to abide by whatever ruling the judge made. He said that prosecutors could investigate by other means, but ``they didn`t describe anything they had done to find the doctor on their

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