Should a Person Kill Another?

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Should a person assist in the killing of another person? Some Doctors may feel that by helping their patients commit suicide it is putting their pain and suffering to an end. There is a huge difference between mercy killing and assisted suicide. Mercy killing is when a person who is sick does not say he or she wants to die and/or given a large dose of painkilling drugs. Assisted suicide is helping a person kill him or herself. Doctors are allowed to give their patients anything to treat the pain they feel. The doctor can not give a patient something that will kill him or her but the doctor can give a patient something to relieve his or her pain even though it might kill him/her. Euthanasia is the direct killing of a person, usually by injecting a lethal substance (“Wisconsin Right to Life”). Why is it that the Supreme court decides that assisted suicide is not a constitutional right? Who are they to tell you that you must live life no matter how much pain your in pain? The Supreme court should not be allowed to make that decision for you. The Court also recognized the distinction between suicide, involving the direct and intentional taking of life, and decisions to refuse treatment or use pain medication, which may indirectly result in hastened death but not involve an intent to take life(“ ”). In March of 1998, an Oregon women dying of breast cancer was the first person in the United States to conduct an assisted suicide legally. It was legal in Oregon but only since 1997. Some of the other states are also starting to put some effort into legalizing assisted suicide. Dr. Jack Kevorkian was a physician who believed that assisting the killing of his patients was only to relieve them from their suffering. Dr. Kevorkian created a machine with three different injections that will terminate his patient. In order for this to happen the patient would pull the
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