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Kevin Michael Rudd was born on the 21st of September 1957. He was Australia’s 26th prime minister. Kevin Rudd is a descendant from Mary Wade, who was a convict from England. He grew up in a farm in Nambour, Queensland, in Australia He was educated in Eumundi Primary School, Marist College Ashgrove and Nambour State High School When Kevin Rudd was 11, his father passed away. Rudd states that the family was required to leave the farm amidst financial difficulty between two to three weeks after the death, though the family of the landowner states that the Rudds didn't have to leave for almost six months. Rudd boarded at Marist College Ashgrove in Brisbane, although these years were not happy due to the indignity of poverty and reliance on charity; he was known to be a "charity case" due to his father's sudden death. He has since described the school as "tough, harsh, unforgiving, institutional Catholicism of the old school". Despite this he gained a batchelor’s degree in Asian studies at the Australian National University in Canberra Mr. Rudd and his wife Therese met at University and were married in 1981. They are the proud parents of Jessica who is married to Albert, Nicholas who is married to Zara, and Marcus. Kevin and Therese are the doting grandparents of…show more content…
Here are two of his speeches: “Well, what Secretary Powell and the US seems to have said is that he now has grave doubts about the accuracy of the case he put to the United Nations about the claim that Iraq possessed biological weapons laboratories – the so-called mobile trailers. And here in Australia, that formed also part of the government's argument on the war. I think what it does is it adds to the fabric of how the Australian people were misled about the reasons for going to war” “There is no debate or dispute as to whether Saddam Hussein possesses weapons of mass destruction. He does. There's no dispute as whether he's in violation of UN Security Council resolutions. He

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