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Case study solution for E-commerce Why have there been so many recent incidents of data security breaches and loss of customer data by reputable companies? Provide several possible reasons for this development. 1. High maintenance cost of security defences: A security system for large firms are highly expensive to maintain and update therefore security usually takes a back seat in the firm’s budget. This leads to hackers being able to access poorly protected valuable data. 2. Greater volume of data stored: Businesses are storing more valuable customer data on database systems which is encouraging thieves to find access in order to make illegal profits. 3. Increased tools available: Crackers are constantly coming up with new ways to gain access to company data. They also share their new codes and ways of hacking computers with each other. 4. Reports of data stolen: When reputable companies are victims of security breaches, media alerts the public which can encourage crackers to take advantage of the situation by trying to hack into the system as well. 5. Just for fun: Persons try to test their ability of hacking into company’s security systems and also like to create and attempt to send out viruses just for the fun of it. 6. Greater awareness: The fact that the actual number of breaches has not increased but that there has been an increase in the reporting of data breaches. What security safeguards must companies have to deter electronic break-ins into their computer networks, business applications, and data resources like the incident at Lowe's? Defend your proposed security measures. Physical security: Managers should deny physical access to data resources through the use of keycards, alarm systems, security codes and biometrics. Conduct Security audits: hire outside security personnel to make checks on security systems to make

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