Increase in Crime Labortories in the 1960's

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1. Discuss the underlying reasons for the rapid growth of crime laboratories in the United States since the late 1960s. One major reason for the rapid growth of crime laboratories is due to internet technology. The United States is able to get information from other cities, counties, states, and countries with the push of a button. People who have committed crimes and who have been caught have had their personal information entered into a computer system. These systems are being connected thought the world making it easier for law enforcement to track people’s movement. As long as an agency is connected to the system, they can receive information, such as DNA, fingerprints, pictures, and videos. This type of technology has made solving crimes quicker; however, this technology has also benefited criminal, who can know use the internet to commit crimes against others. This also caused crime rates to increase. Another reason for rapid growth in crime laboratories was due to the increase in the use of drugs. Drug dealers were able to increase the supply and demand of drugs, due to the popularity of drugs. Drug dealers were making more money; making it easier to make, transport, and sale more drugs. This also caused the crime rates to increase. During this time there was an increase in the supply of tobacco and alcohol. Distributors were able to supply their products at a lower price, making the use of them, more affordable to the general public. This also resulted in the increase of crime rates. The main reason for this was now political parties were getting rich off the abundance of money they were now making. This caused the value of the economy to reduce. Since people were not making money, they were stealing causing the crime rate to increase. Lastly, there were scandals in the post office where stamps and paper were stolen and sold to criminals at lower

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