Level 3 Btec It Year 1 Unit 7.1 (P1, M1)

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Networked Systems Security Task 1 – THREATS AND IMPACT OF NETWORK THREATS There are many types of threats that can damage your computer either temporarily or permanently. Some threats posed may not threaten your computer right away however have the potential to do so. Some threats that present themselves can include physical threats such as the theft of equipment whether that is the monitor, computer etc. Other threats can be harder to find such as viruses, worms or any kind of malware. Understanding these threats allows the organisation to prevent, protect and correct any damage done to his/her computer to an extent. This can help to reduce the negative impacts it may have on an organisation. Threats: Below is a list of threats to IT systems, ways to keep the system and data secure and organisational issues affecting the security of IT systems. 1. Malicious damage: Examples can be Viruses, Worms or Trojans a. Internal attacks come from within the organisation by disaffected staff. Individuals or a group have authorised access and privileges to the organisations network. They may use their knowledge on the organisations network to exploit or interrupt its functions. Internal attacks can be more difficult to find as attackers have the potential to remove any evidence of the attack more easily as they have more knowledge or access rights on the system as opposed to an outside attack. Attacks can be administrated via removable devices such as a USB that could contain some form of malware on it such as a virus. Most internal attacks are conducted by unhappy employees who want to disrupt the organisation by using the knowledge they obtained in the organisation, against the organisation. Additionally, the employee may want to gain access to important data in order to infiltrate and sell the information onto another competing organisation. The

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