Ping Sweeps and Port Scans

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Ping Sweeps and Port Scans Thesis Statements: In this paper I will talk about the danger that we are facing day by day from hackers and we will talk about two common network probes called Port scan and Ping Sweeps and how to protect ourselves from hem. Introduction: Ping sweeps and ports scans are common methods for hackers to try to break a network. As a system administrator this is a valid concern and for the boss this should not be a worry for him. The system administrator has a lot of steps to stop efforts from hackers to acquire any data by using ping sweeps and ports scans. If hackers are constantly thwarted and discouraged from penetrating your network they normally move on to another site. With proper instruction, the right software and sufficient support, one can take necessary steps in preventing malicious types of activities in a network. Port scans and ping sweeps may seem dangerous, but they can also be understood and monitored in order to identify and defend against network threats. Technology has changed a lot with in past teen years, there is much more important information on the web and on the clouds such as personal information, company or business documents, all of our financial records and many more, and there are many unethical people out there that are trying to take an advantage of these great technology’s and still from others! Network probes are very easy ways to detecting intrusions. And unfortunately this is a very common issue, if you ask many system administrator that runs a big or huge network can tell you that they had the same issue and that their network has been probed before. Network probes are actually not intrusions by them self but eventually they might lead to actual intrusions and they should not be taken lightly! There are two popular and common network probes and I will explain them in more detail. They are
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