Unit 4 Db Security and Loss

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Concealing Fraud Investigations and evaluating security There are some key points to think about when concealing a fraud investigation. One main point is if there is a whistle blower involved this person’s identity must be protected. The whistle blowers information can be a very valuable if managed correctly. I would also keep the number of individuals that now about the investigation at a bare minimum. This will greatly reduce the risk of evidence being destroyed because of a leak. It is also important not to raise suspicion by changing anyone’s work responsibilities. Creating an appearance that business is as usual also will help out. A key thing to remember is that gossip and rumors can spread through a business very quickly. Any data that is gathered internally should also be gathered very discreetly. Also I would discreetly discuss the situation with outsiders who may know something. Caution is a necessity in this step so there is no tip offs to the individuals committing the fraud (Kroll 2008). The preservation of electronic data is important. These data records are very important if there is to be a legal proceeding. Forensically sound images of the suspected individual’s hard drive should be collected. This is also a good safety measure that can insure that vital information is not deleted if the individual or individuals’ committing the fraud are tipped off by someone else. Any and all communications should be done by an attorney to help in maintaining confidentiality. I would also label and reports or correspondents as confidential. Any of these documents that may contain confidential information should also be maintain separate and in a completely separate file. These will help to curtail any inadvertent disclosure. Emails that may contain confidential information should also be limited (Kroll). Any successful investigation should have an

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