Drugging of Our Children Analysis

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The Drugging of Our Children Analysis Carlos Joseph Pikes Peak Community College The Drugging of Our Children Film Analysis The documentary “The Drugging of our Children” that I was able to watch was very eye opening. It really showed me the shocking growth in which the prescriptions of very strong drugs were distributed to teens and children. This documentary intends to focus on people who have been diagnosed with Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, also known as ADHD. There were also many people that added their voices into the documentary including Michael Moore in which they talked about the trend that began to emerge about the behavior of these kids and having them take drugs that would apparently cure them of their problems. It is just crazy to me to think that the drugs that these kids are being prescribed are causing them to commit acts of violence upon other people or do very crazy things. The documentary opened up with a teenager named Cory Baadsgard, who was apparently on the prescribed drug Paxil which caused him to have hallucinations. He discussed an incident in where he did not want to go to school and decided that he would go later in the day. The only thing that he remembered was waking up in a juvenile detention center and was told that he held hostages at gunpoint. In the documentary they also displayed the terrible Columbine shooting that occurred in which two teens took many lives and one of them was on prescription drugs as well. It’s just crazy; I don’t think that just because a child is displaying acts of being hyper or just being a kid should not mean that they should be labeled as a child with ADD or ADHD and pretty much force them to take these drugs that have extreme side effects. The Neurologist Fred Baugman even said himself how frightening it is that kids those days were easily diagnosed with ADHD especially by school
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