The Stolen Generation Research Paper

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Review Question 6 Jay Wilkinson University of Notre Dame The consequence of the stolen generation manifests of how indigenous children and young people, especially to the relation to identity development. In this write up I will be talking about how in a individual, relational and collective view explores the effects of the stolen generation on young aboriginals. The stolen generation the term used by Aboriginal people who’s young indigenous children were taken by the settlers from their families in the 1890’s-1970’s. to be sent to live in small missions or camps. In a individual perspective, the stolen generation effected the younger aboriginals mainly through emotional trauma. They were constantly felling lonely, low on self-esteem,…show more content…
because of this, to survive they resulted to criminal acts, which lead to a lot of violence and abuse. Also drugs became an issue when the settlers introduced them to alcohol, for example “Simon recounts…the time he first tasted alcohol, and how that, and later on harder drugs, worked to numb him of the blinding rage and violence he felt.”(Simon, B., 2012). Another effect was the Aboriginals being denied to the cultural and spiritual tradition within the community and country. In conclusion, the stolen generation effected the younger indigenous children’s a lot through an individual, relational and collective view. References: Bretherton, D., & Mellor, D. (2006). Reconciliation between Aboriginal and other Australians: The “Stolen Generation”. Journal of social Issues, 62(1), 81-98. Doi:10.1111/j.1540-4560.2006.00440.x Kennedy, R. (2011). AUSTRALIAN TRIALS OF TRAUMA: THE STOLEN GENERATIONS IN HUMAN RIGHTS, LAW, AND LITERATURE. Comparative Literature Studies, 48(3), 333-355. Discussion Questions: 1. What was the main effect that came form the stolen generation? 2. How would the Australian society be like if their were no stolen generation? 3. What is your view on the stolen
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