James Q. Wilson's Against The Legalization Of Drugs

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We Should Keep Drugs Illegal Imagine living in the United States as it increases in criminal acts, increases in the number of people who demonstrate health problems or negative mind altering behavior die to the intake of a substance, and on increase of an illegal drug? Some believe that legalization would be the best way to fight the drug problem. That it would reduce the disease, violence and crime associated with the use of illegal drugs. I think legalization is not the answer. By making drugs legal we are lowering the standards of our country. Drugs are dangerous and can not only harm the person using them, but also the persons that user comes in contact with. If illegal drugs are legalized criminal acts, health problems due to drug use…show more content…
In the essay “Against the Legalization of Drugs,” James Q. Wilson writes: “Women are much more likely to use crack than heroin, and if they are pregnant, the effects on their babies are tragic.”….”Cocaine harms the fetus and can lead to physical deformities or neurological damage. Some crack babies have for all practical purposes suffered a disabling stroke while still in the womb,” (645). If that the case, its common sense that this is one of the many reasons why we should not legalized drugs. We would be harming every newborn at a really young age and eventually as they get older they will be drug addicts as well. The use of drugs such as cocaine, crack, heroin and marijuana has been proved to cause unbelievable damage and harm to the body and brain. In the Article “Info Facts-Heroin” reports that thousands of heroin addicts die from overdoses each year and heroin users are also at great risk of getting aids from the use of unclean needles. By legalizing drugs every one would have the right to consume drugs without any restrictions which would lead hospitals to be more filled, more school dropouts would occur, and more crack babies raise the stakes of legalizing drugs. Knowing what drugs do to users has been the solid basis for my saying no to drugs and why I believe they should not be

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