Write An Essay On The Effects Of The V-Tech Shootings

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Kiss my fucking ass Tragedies that happen at most school even universities, have done with students committing suicide and student shootings. Many people and reporters always diagnosed these students with either a psychiatric problem or some other disorder the child has had while growing up. They really don’t get the real story of what really influenced these people to do what they did and did they try to show signs that they needed help. People already think that they solved and investigated the problem of the V-tech shooting. They already think that the man Chos was on antidepressants and was seeking psychiatric help. These massacres happen for so many reason that the news and reporter don’t want people to know and it make people wonder…show more content…
He managed to kill thirty people including himself. People still wonder why he really decided to kill all these people because they refuse to believe what was presented to them. With all the evidence that was giving, they never told the reporter or newscast how the shooting could have been prevented, and to me there were so many ways. The university could have taken more caution when they read some of his writings and seen that something was wrong, People could have been more nicer and showed more courtesy, and the university should have looked into his background correctly. Since they didn’t do all the following Cho was able to purchase a hand gun which allowed him to murder several people and to commit suicide. What we could learn about this incident is that people should think before they speak and act because you don’t know what anyone has been through, and that Colleges and universities should take note to the people who seem like they have a problem and that they need professional help. Even though they over looked some of the his problems and the psychiatric problems that were right in front of them, the university can prevent this horrible situation from happening to their faculty, staff and
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