Drug Testing in School

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Samantha Pisco Ms. Roach and Mrs. Norris Modern Literature 13 May 2009 Against School Drug Testing I. It is well known that trust is needed between students and teachers, but drug testing can cause students to mistrust them and feel ashamed and resentful towards their teachers. Even with coaches drug testing athlete can cause them to quit their extracurricular. II. considering drug testing in high schools shows a lack of confidence in students to do the right thing III. With random drug testing in high school, the process is to provide a urine sample to be given to a lab for analysis. This is done even if there is no suspicion of drug use out of the student. The government and some school officials say its to have less drug use. Or is it just unfair? IV. Technically, the government should not have the right as to whether drug testing is used in schools due to privacy. a. ` “The high court said in a 5 to 4 decision announced Thursday that the deterrent effect of such drug testing was enough to overcome fourth amendment privacy protections.” b. The fourth amendment also stops the government from searching suspicious less people unless they have a reason for drug testing. c. Court decides that the fourth amendment privacy laws could be overcome when there is a special need that could justify drug testing. d. “Schools have a responsibility to respect students privacy, so it is Vital that only the people who need to know the test results see them. The results should not be shared with anyone else, not even teachers.” e. Schools are beginning to invade teens and parents lives with trying to protect the students lives. There is other ways and different tools that an be used to avoid drug use. f. When schools decide to do drug testing whenever they feel, they forgot about the families privacy This also teaches students guilty until proven innocent.
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