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Drought in America: True or False outline 1) Introduction A.) In order to maintain the precious American dream, we as American should work to raise awareness of the Drought through the formation of laws and social-environmental ads 2.) Problems A.) Drought: is a shortage in water supply due to low amounts of precipitation or hazardous environments that water can not be retrieved. B.) It affects the American Dream, because being conscious of that amount of water will no longer let us use the technology around in order to get daily tasks done like Car wash, Dish washers, etc. C.) Drought does not only hurt the environment, but they also in big ways hurt social living. The Human consumes about (5 liters) of water a day, while we add dish washer, Car washers, Toilets and shower which…show more content…
These water service providers (96 in total) supplied 716,457ML of water to regions serving about 3.8 million people. • Total water use for all Sun Water schemes, except the Dawson Valley, for the period 1 July 2004 to 30 June 2005 was 1,461,186 ML. • 40 land and water management plans were approved in 2004-05 in the Barron, Burnett, and Fitzroy and Mary catchments. This brings the progressive total for these catchments to 267 plans for 49,664 ML of allocations, covering 12,379 ha of land. • Between 1 July 2004 and 30 June 2005, a total of 5625 allocations were traded - representing the trading of 1,100,288 ML of water. 3.) Quote: “We welcome the first clear day after a rainy spell. Rainless days continue for a time and we are pleased to have a long spell of such fine weather. It keeps on and we are a little worried. A few days more and we are really in trouble. The first rainless day in a spell of fine weather contributes as much to the drought as the last, but no one knows how serious it will be until the last dry day is gone and the rains have come

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