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Environmental Risk David Bianco PSY/460 9/05/2014 Aaron Graczyk Environmental Risk According to the “U.S And World Population Clock” (2014) there is a birth every 8 seconds and a death every 13 seconds, with the world’s population at 7,190,209,084 to date and the number climbing in the next 10years the population will grow by another 1 billion. That would be like adding the population of China to the world population. It is estimated that the planet can support about 10 billion people. In this paper we will discuss the risk perceptions of two different articles written about human overpopulation, as well as some environmental stressors that are related to this issue. Finally, we will examine some personal thoughts on the risk perception…show more content…
Some people believe that one out of five humans living today are not appropriately sustained and think that this is due to the limits in our resources. There are many debates over whether the growth of population is good or bad. These same critics also believe that we need to find a way to slow the growth of the world’s population it is become an urgent issue. Many others believe that if we don’t lower the birth rate, by default we are raising the death rate. Because of advances in medical technology, public sanitation and with the increase in food production these factors are helping to support the population’s growth (“Overpopulation”, 1970). The continued growth of the human population and the overpopulation issues are considerably draining the Earth’s natural resources and life support. It is thought that with better education, family planning, and open communication these can be the keys to helping correct the population…show more content…
Some believe that it’s not as big a concern as others while some believe we are rapidly destroying the planet. As for my personal thoughts on the issue of human overpopulation; I believe people need to be better educated on birth control and the environmental effects of overpopulation. There is a serious need to correct the air pollution and fossil fuel depletion and my hope is by doing so there will be less of a need for wars in order to gain others natural resources . We also need to find a way to fix the depleting fresh water supply because once it’s gone all living things are going to suffer

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