Do You Agree with the View That Henry Viii’s Foreign Policy in the Years 1514-25 Failed Because He Lacked the Resources to Fulfil His Aims?

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Do you agree with the view that Henry VIII’s foreign policy in the years 1514-25 failed because he lacked the resources to fulfil his aims? Source 4 indicates it was the ‘unscrupulous’ allies that led to the failure of Henry’s foreign policy and source 5 demonstrates how the real European power plays were beyond Henry’s sphere influence. Thus, it insinuates he could’ve never fulfilled his diplomatic aims for the European powers were too prevailing for him to manipulate. Source 6 suggests it was his lack of resources that stopped him from succeeding. The truth lies most evidently in source 6, for the context of Henry’s reign gives an insight into these situations being rooted in Henry’s menial resources. Moreover, it could be proposed source 4 and 5 also conform to this reasoning, for it was his chronic lack of assets that led to his inability to sway European politics. Henry’s foreign policy failed because of a range of interchanging factors, yet they are all born from his definitive lack of resources. The other prominent leaders in European diplomacy were instrumental in Henry’s failed foreign policy. Source 4 and source 6 both illustrate the problems leaders like Maximillian and Ferdinand posed to Henry. In source 4, the two are described to have been ‘bribed’ by the French leader in order for them to ‘disown treaty obligations to England’ during Henry’s attempt to invade France in 1514. Source 6 also states that England were still at the ‘mercy’ of monumental ‘shifts’ in European politics, even though they had just been at the heart of European diplomacy as a result of the Treaty of London. The message that these sources convey demonstrates how England were restricted, and inevitably rendered unsuccessful, by the lack of cooperation offered across Europe. Further evidence for this can be found in Ferdinand’s manipulation of Henry in the 1513 campaign against
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