Dna Technology and Forensics

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Lab Essay Assignment: DNA Technology and Forensics CODIS also known as the Combined DNA Index System is a valuable computer program because it helps keep the country safe from harm by identifying criminals. The program CODIS was created by federal, state, and local crime labs in the U.S. and is financed by the U.S. F.B.I. However, the Combination DNA Index System has many benefits but it also has many concerns. Some of the benefits include that the system would help in identifying suspects or the perpetrator by using a DNA profile that it contains. A DNA profile is a series of numbers which represents the individual. However, CODIS does not withhold any personal information such as names, dates of birth, and social security numbers. Many law enforcement agencies use the Combined DNA Index System for the identification function. For example, CODIS was used for the 9/11 attack so that the remains of the dead could be identified. There are over 9,456,620 offender and forensic DNA profiles in CODIS, and the profiles have helped to assist in over 127,600 investigations. Another benefit of CODIS is that the examination of a DNA analysis can lead to a detection of a genetic disease if the individual has one. Unfortunately, a disadvantage of CODIS is the privacy concerns. The DNA of an individual can reveal a lot of information about the person. For example, many employers use the information to make decisions about who they hire; they also do a background check for the individual. Another con is that some people believe that doctors will use eugenics. Eugenics is when the genes are manipulated and only the preferred genes are hand-picked and will be passed down to the next generation of children. In my opinion, I have a few different viewpoints about if CODIS should contain DNA from all American citizens or not. I believe yes because it could help to detect diseases

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