Forensic Science Essay

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Forensic Science Technician Criminal investigations involve a series of actions performed by many people in order to find the culprit of a crime, but one of the most important positions of a criminal investigation team is the forensic science technician. A forensic science technician is the person who tests and analyzes any evidence from a crime scene to figure out who committed the crime. “The most important part of this field is that it is so dynamic and always changing. Also, you are always contributing to society” (Moore). This field offers such a wide variety of studies, so a person earning a degree in forensic science does not have to be a forensic science technician, because there are multifarious branches of forensic science such as forensic nursing and many more. Being a forensic science technician gives the opportunity to learn life-long skills with numerous degrees and the knowledge of science, earn a large wage while being active with and without technology, and play a very important role in the criminal justice system. Studying science gives the opportunity to learn life-long skills and knowledge while being able to earn a choice of degrees. A forensic scientist must be aware of their surroundings when going to school and if they wish to get into the field, they must have knowledge of all subjects. The following include a few of the subjects that are intensified in this profession. First, mathematics is key with knowledge of arithmetic, algebra, geometry, calculus, stats, and their applications (“Summary Report”). Second, biology is intense with knowledge of plant and animal organisms and their cells, functions, tissues, organs, and organ systems (“Summary Report”). Third, expect to be able to talk to others to convey information effectively (“Summary Report”) because Forensic Scientists are always being challenged and tested by the ideas of others
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