Dna Structure And Replication Essay

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DNA Structure and Replication True/False Indicate whether the sentence or statement is true or false. ____ 1. Even though they contain weakened or killed infectious organisms, vaccines can still cause an immune response when injected into an organism. ____ 2. Even though Avery’s experiments clearly indicated that genetic material is composed of DNA, most scientists at that time continued to suspect that proteins were the genetic material. ____ 3. Bacteriophage are a type of bacteria that infects viruses. ____ 4. Hershey and Chase were the first two scientists to prove that genetic material is composed of proteins. ____ 5. The five-carbon sugar in DNA nucleotides is called ribose. ____ 6. A nucleotide consists of a sugar,…show more content…
Chargaff’s observations established the ____________________ ____________________ rules, which describe the specific pairing between bases on DNA strands. 23. Watson and Crick used the X-ray ____________________ photographs of Wilkins and Franklin to build their model of DNA. 24. Due to the strict pairing of nitrogen bases in DNA molecules, the two strands are said to be ____________________ to each other. 25. The process by which DNA copies itself is called ____________________. 26. The enzyme that is responsible for replicating molecules of DNA by attaching complementary bases in the correct sequence is called ____________________ ____________________. 27. Enzymes called ____________________ are responsible for unwinding the DNA double helix by breaking the hydrogen bonds that hold the complementary strands together. 28. Errors in nucleotide sequences are called ____________________. 29. Errors in nucleotide sequencing are corrected by enzymes called ____________________ ____________________. 30. The circular DNA molecules in prokaryotes usually contain ____________________ replication forks during replication, while linear eukaryotic DNA contains many more. DNA Structure and Replication Answer Section TRUE/FALSE 1.

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