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"John Doe" English H101 Prof Crowley 9 December, 2010 Final Draft Alternatives to Hallucinogens and the Occurrence of DMT; Should it be illegal? A Hallucinogen is a psychoactive drug that causes changes in perception, emotion, thought, and consciousness. With that being said, these are extremely powerful drugs. This state of consciousness is very different from any state of consciousness we know. It's been described as a Trance, Meditation, and Dreams. All hallucinogens have varying effects from person to person, which is why they can be dangerous, but that doesn't mean they are. The illegal and unregulated hallucinogens people buy off the streets are what give Hallucinogens the frightening reputation they have. There are plenty of natural…show more content…
Like DMT, the Ayahuasca experience should be outlined to be fully grasp what it is. ( When you use Ayahuasca, it is not just taken. It is a full blown ceremony, usually held in the jungle at night. The shaman gives each participant their dosage and then sings a song called “Icaros”, meaning “Song of the Spirits” in hopes that they will be present during the ceremony. Almost an hour into the ceremony, what can only be described as a euphoric ecstasy is experienced and the first visions begin. Throughout the ceremony the shaman moves around shaking a rattle, blowing cigarette smoke on some patients (which is also considered to have healing properties) and exorcising evil spirits which are seen as the cause of various diseases and disorders. Ayahuasca usually induces nausea, dizziness and vomiting. The Ayahuasca experience consists of audio and visual hallucinations which frequently contain symbolic or emotional significance for the individual. Many visions during the ayahuasca experience are of the same nature as the visions during our dreams, pertaining to a higher reality than that experienced in ordinary states of consciousness. The peak experience lasts for 2 to 6 hours, which brings about the possibility of personal growth. Ayahuasca gives power, knowledge and

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