Magic Mushrooms Effect

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Leone Williams Psycholgy 140 Professor DiCintio March 11, 2015 Affect of magic mushroom What are Psychedelic drugs and how does it affect the brain? In my paper I will explain what they are such as mushrooms etc. And what kind of affect does the brain go through. The active ingredients in the Psychedelic drug mushrooms is Psilocybin which is known to trigger vivid/colorful hallucinations also an over saturated of colors . once a psychedelic is taken it completely disrupts normal communication According research and Google this drug seems to have a long lasting effect on people who are abusers in many ways. According to Live Science, “ many people report intensely spiritual experience while taking the drug and some studies suggest that one transcendent trip can alter a person's personalities on a long term basis.” Most individuals who have taken this drug are more likely open to a lot of new experience and are more aware and or appreciative of arts and emotion etc. Studies have shown that Psilocybin the main…show more content…
When functioning normally, these connective “hubs” appear to help constrain the way we see, hear and experience the world, grounding us in reality”. There are also parts of the brain network that are linked to self-consciousness and depression, Psilocybin when in the brain slows down and or turns off activity in those regions which then allows t he sense to run free. Psychedelic also connect parts of the brains that normally are not connection when under the influence of magic mushroom as well. In Conclusion the psychedelic drug Mushroom has a lot of affects on the brain from emotions to various others such as vision and communication and I learned that this drug completely changes and or alters how the whole brain works while under the influence
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