Disparity And Discrimination

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Disparity and Discrimination August 25, 2008 Emerson Ashley Cultural Diversity in Criminal Justice CJA/423 University of Phoenix Steve Freitas Safety is the top priority in today’s society. Each parent should thrive to ensure that their children comes from a stable environment, follow all necessary steps to ensure good health, be successful and actively involved in getting a good education so that the adaptation into the job market is based on what that person works for more so than what is handed to that person. Most people would prefer to get ahead in life and be very successful but unfortunately that is not possible for every citizen. This fact is supported by conflicts among members of society along with disparities that exist which has been further complicated by the high number of immigrants and minorities that reside in the US. Because of the disparities, discrimination exists and discrimination should not be accepted or tolerated in today’s society. When discrimination comes into play, it comes down to the act of singling out a certain individual/group for unfair treatment (Calderon, 2006). The criminal justice system is cursed by discrimination and also racial disparity within the criminal justice system due to “the proportion of a racial/ethnic group within the control of the system is greater than the proportion of such groups in general population” (The sentencing project, 2001, p.1). Disparity normally does not involve the usage of discrimination but it does deal with age compared to the general population. Disparity can only be explained by legitimate factors. In the criminal justice system, disparity is explained by legitimate factors, you have legal factors which include the seriousness of the offense and an offender’s prior criminal record. Extralegal factors include race, ethnicity, gender, social class and

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