How Immigrant in U.S. Become Succesful in Acadamics

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EL 104.PROF. MORRIS. 11/19/10 DRAFT #1 WORD #463 HOW IMMIGRANT IN U.S. BECOME SUCCESFUL IN ACADAMICS. Being an immigrant in the United State of America, there are advantages and disadvantages in everyday life. There are many things one must adapt to and to do away with. However, there are many opportunities in United State of America, which can help an individual to successful in life. Education is one of the best means of becoming successful in life, as there is a saying “Education is the key to success”. Every immigrant in united state needs a better education to be able to succeed in life. There are many factors, which makes a school or classroom better, especially for immigrant. According to the article School resource and the young Latino immigrant, a school with adequate supplies and which functions well always helps immigrant student to be academically competent. Every good student sees his classroom to be his home, when it has adequate supplies to enable him to have a good academic standard. Schools that have enough instructional supplies like test book and others always produce good student. The supplies help the instructor to have access to more education sources and references, this makes teaching easy and fun for the instructors. Every instructor who love his work, devote his time and energy to making his student better, on the other hand, student acquire enough skill or knowledge from devoted instructors. Every school or classroom that lacks of supplies never produce good student. Immigrant’s student can only perform better academically when all the needed supplies are available for their learning experience. Most importantly, a school, which does not function well can never produce good student. Immigrant student, who get such opportunities performs very well even outside the classroom

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