Discuss Four Professional Traits From The American Nurses Association (ANA) Code Of Ethics

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In every business, there are two components -the team members and those that oversee and run the business. Nursing is no exception. In each state, the one that oversees the nursing profession is known as the Board of Nursing (also known as the BRN). This is a governmental agency that is responsible for managing and supervising the nurses in practice. The BRN manages those with nursing licenses and if necessary take action against nurses who have displayed unsafe nursing. They do this to protect the public by making sure they practice safe nursing. The BRN defines the standards for safe nursing care for each state in the Nurse Practice Act. (NPA). The Nurse Practice Act defines the qualifications needed for a nursing. It defines different nursing titles (such as LVN, CNA, etc) and their scope of practice. The NPA also defines the consequences that can and will happen if the…show more content…
Having been by the bedside, I have dedicated my profession to help people take care of themselves as I would myself. I believe that these people are sick and they are not equip to with the right knowledge and equipment to take care of themselves to the best of their abilities. And because they are sick, I should be helpful in comforting them during their stay. I have learned to equality for all patients. Since they are in a hospital bed, dressed in a hospital gown, I cannot judge or formulate an opinion of people’s background i.e. what kind of money they have (or don’t have), social status they maintain, and who they are related to. All patients are equal and deserve the same kind of dignity and respect as the next patient. All patients take their illness/hospitalizations seriously. I cannot make light of their disease but do my best to provide clear communication and education of what brought them into the

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