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Nurse Practice Act Essay

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Nursing Practice Act
Cecily Davis
ITT Technical Institute
September 29, 2014

The nurse practice act is a book of all the dues and don’ts of nursing. Anything a nurse or aspiring nurse wants to know can be found within this book. It in tells all the responsibilities of a nurse. The act tells the requirements to become a licensed nurse and what must be done to keep the license to be a nurse. If instances occur where a nurse has violations against the act it also details the different types of disciplinary actions that the nurse may be subject to. The act not only provides guidelines for nurses however, it details the guidelines for APN’s as well as the board members. The act can be view online for any state. It is imperative that all nurses and aspiring nurses go over and thoroughly read there act for the state of practice.

Nursing Practice is a profession in the health care field that affects the public health, safety, and the welfare. It is subject to regulation and control in the interest of the public. It can only be performed by qualified persons therefor to receive the confidence of the public. The main focus is the care of individuals, families and communities. Nursing promotes, maintains, and attempts to recover health of the public.
Scope of practice refers to the area in which a nurse is educated enough to perform work. The scope deals with the level of education that they have attained that will able them to accurately preform task relating to that area. It also deals with the individuals’ competence level, their experience and the area that they serve. There are many different categories and specialties within nursing so knowing which field one can work in is vital to any practicing nurse. No nurse is to ever practice outside of their scope. Scopes provide boundaries.
The RN’s responsibility in implementing the nursing process includes planning and providing individualized care for their health care consumers. Their...

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