Discrimination In America Research Paper

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Immigration in the United States of America Immigration is an extremely beneficial aspect of the United States. It is, to some, a gateway to a new beginning in life. What most people fail to realize is that immigration is the foundation of this country. A number of foreigners come to the United States each year to not only strengthen their skills but to also create a better lifestyle for their families. Some Americans do not understand the true reason why they tend to choose our country to start over in. Immigrants constantly face discrimination because of the color of their skin, the sound of their voices or simply because of the way they look and their beliefs. Instead of discriminating, we should as a whole, welcome them with open arms and try to establish equality with immigrants. Over the past four decades, America has been challenged by a massive flow of immigrants, particularly from Asia and Latin America. According to the 2000 U.S. Census, foreign born people compose about 10 percent of the nation’s population. Although there are two major experiences of contemporary American Society, one experience that stands out most is the animosity against immigrants among native-born…show more content…
Statistics from 2009 shows that complaints of discrimination based on national origin increased 5 percent, and religious discrimination claims increased 3 percent. However, in order to make this world a better place we must first treat everyone equally. Immigrants aren’t animals and they shouldn’t be treated as such. They benefit us by bringing new skills to America. Immigrants bring innovative ideas and entrepreneurial spirit to the U.S. economy. They provide business contacts to other markets, enhancing America’s ability to trade and invest profitably in the global economy.
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