Discrimination Against Hispanic Americans

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Stephen C. Ellington English 111 October 3, 2011 Example essay Discrimination against Hispanic Americans As the economy worsens and job losses soar in America, there has been a steady increase in discrimination toward Hispanics in America. Hispanic workers in the United States are discriminated against in a variety of ways including racial slurs, low wages and stereotyping. This is becoming an ever increasing problem in American Society. While America has always been a melting pot with diverse ethnic cultures the fear is that those who have the least, may suffer the most in this economic downturn as unemployment rises and jobs, become scarce the jobs that were previously not wanted now become a precious commodity. Many Americans believe that Hispanics that are not legal in this country do not deserve to have a job in this country, and have taken away the jobs that are left for Americans. The attitude that the American citizens have developed toward the Hispanic community has put pressure on the government and employers of America. As a result, many Hispanics think they are discriminated against by their employers. Hispanics are discriminated against in employment by, low wages when compared to African Americans and Caucasians one report the Usa Today published concluded that Hispanics were paid on average 34% less than Caucasians and African Americans by 40% of employers. Hispanics also believe that their employers in the community do not treat them fairly and do not see them as equals in the community. They fill that the community discriminates against them, with racial slurs” such as your nothing but a stupid Mexican or wet back” This cause's the Hispanic community to withdraw from society and form a community within a community which they think is also another form of discrimination. Hispanics also believe that they’re taking advantage of by

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