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Discourse Community Hospitals are very busy places with staff members that have great responsibilities. Patient’s trust and well-being is in the doctor’s and nurse’s hands. The doctors and nurses must go through years of schooling in order to be capable to work in the hospital setting. Continued learning is also required to maintain the most recent and up to date medical advances in the field. Every hospital has its own set of values in which the staff must abide by. Aultman Hospital’s values states that, We will: recognize and accept the unique talents of every Aultman team member, exceed customer expectations, achieve success through teamwork, create a positive and safe work environment, educate our community, manage our resources cost-effectively, and maintain trust and integrity in all relationships (Aultman Hospital, 2014). These values are the basic expectations and assumptions for the patients when receiving care. Potential students in the medical field also look to these values as a foundation in their education. Dr. Mark Riley, a chiropractic physician since 1992, had to obtain a professional degree with a licensure and continued education in order to become employed. He also defined the profession as providing conservative care and promoting health. Mrs. Mary Scott, a RN for 43 years, had to go through schooling to obtain an associate in her career. She stated that an individual needs to be able to talk to different people and cultures. She also stressed that being a big time team player is a necessity. Discourse communities are great for people in the medical field to share goals and ideas both verbally and non-verbally. According to John Swales, an influential analyst of written communication, described discourse communication as groups that have goals or purposes, and use communication to achieve these goals (Borg, 2003, p. 398).

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