Unit 1: Individual Project

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Unit 1: Individual Project Ruth Perez American InterContinental University ABSTRACT Every healthcare organization has a strategic plan for its own success, it faces core competencies and it definitely has a mission and vision statement. As a lead or manager it is my responsibility to make sure my team is operating in a safe and flourishing atmosphere, as well as for the patients and rest of the staff. We become successful when the changes are clear, the effects of those changes are agreed, and the process result in simple decisions. HEALTHCARE MANAGEMENT I am currently employed by the University of Miami Hospital and Clinics and oversee the Otolaryngology department. This is a non-profit organization…show more content…
Our main focus is to become the number one Cancer Institute by providing the best care, pharmaceutical, and treatment needs. My personal vision is to meet and surpass our team and individual goals, as far as patient satisfaction, physician wait times, and obtain the most advanced and viable technological equipment. We are one that definitely address our patients with our vision statement on a daily basis and commit to the quality and value that our institute provides. Excellence; we meet our patients needs through quality improvement and effective health care. We show compassion, we thoroughly care for the well-being of our patients, offering timely, kind care though remaining courteous to our patients’ and families. Collaboration; we foster an essence of teamwork and cooperation from which our patients will benefit, inputting wisdom, resources, and expertise in play. Integrity; we aim to always be honest, transparent, and reasonable. Our vision statement also involves our staff, as employees we are in hands of extremely dedicated and trained group of healthcare
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