Disadvantages Of Year Round School

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Deciding what topic to discuss in this paper was a very easy choice. Year round schooling and all of the information that is involved with it is a topic that I have been interested in for a very long time. Year round schooling is very broadly defined as a calendar that schools follow, where they have a shorter summer break and more time off through out the year compared to a very long summer break and very long school year which is defined as the traditional schedule. This paper will discuss the types of year round education, why year round school is a benefit academically as well as not academically, the statistics of year round education, the overall effectiveness, and things that should be considered. There are many different types…show more content…
Palmer and Bemis said that the overall advantages to year round education include: improved achievement, improved attendance, decreased discipline problems, increased motivation, and also increased opportunities for enrichment programs during the intersession. Despite a few disadvantages to year round education, the effectiveness is pretty good. It has many benefits, not only to students but to teachers, administrators, maintenance, and office workers as well. It also, helps with over crowding schools, due to the rising population in our country. There are many things that should be considered when a school is trying to decide if they want to adopt year round education for their institution. According to Weaver (1992), although year round education can help with budget, population, and academic problems it affects the school completely. Some of the things that administrators must very specifically consider before switching to year round education include: schools are different, vacations, teacher education, and family…show more content…
I do not think that every school should switch to this calendar just because a lot of schools in our country are. Our country is made up of different people, beliefs, views, and religions. So why not have different ways of teaching? With people learning in different ways, they are learning in the way that they, in their school district or their state, believe that they should be learning. I think that every school district or at least every state should be in control of how their institutions are ran. In my personal experience, I have never gone to a school that has adopted year round education, but at the same time I know many people who come from schools that have adopted year round education. In all honesty I do not see much of a difference between the people from those schools and the people that I went to school

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