Against Year Round School

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Against Year Round School Argument Year round school presents a very controversial issue that school districts struggle with ever year. The same arguments, facts, and statistics are presented annually, and somehow a conclusion is never reached. Many people believe year round school would be a good change and a step in the right direction. Although there are many positive innovations to year round school, the advantages do not outweigh the disadvantages of retention, cost, breaks, vacations, space, reviews, employment, and scheduling (Political Debates and Polls Forum). The traditional calendar always has been the schedule for school since the 1800s. The traditional calendar is the 180 days system with a two month break for summer. It was not operated on the year round system back then, because children worked the fields of their farm in the summer. People believe that this traditional style should change because this is an outdated system (Year Round Education - attending school year round). Finally, in 1968, when the first school changed, they quickly reverted back because it caused disruption of families, little or no academic benefit, and saved no money (year-round school calendar home page). The unseen advantages of the traditional calendar have worked well for years and have produced very little issues to be dealt with. Year round school operates on a one hundred eighty day system, same as the traditional calendar. The main difference between the two systems is amount and time on break. There are many forms of the year round calendar to more easily accommodate each school. The district may choose whichever plan they believe will fit their school the best. The most popular examples of schedule choosing include: 45-15, 60-20, and 90-30. This represents the number of days attending school to the number of days

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