Disadvantages Of The Republican Platform

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The Republican platform identifies two key components to facing the threat of nuclear weaponry, reducing the world's nuclear stockpiles and preventing proliferation. However, the Republican platform does not dare envision a world without nuclear weapons. Instead, the platform maintains that the US must develop and deploy national and theater missile defenses to protect the US and its allies. The Democratic Platform, however, offers a more idealistic approach to nuclear proliferation and advocates for a nuclear policy that aims to eliminate all nuclear weaponry from the face of the Earth. The Democratic Platform also addresses the combined threat of Iran and North Korea obtaining nuclear weaponry and how they would attempt to combat such a threat. On energy both platforms stress that America must break its addiction to foreign oil and become energy independent. The Democratic platform insists that investing billions of dollars into a green energy sector will create 5 millions jobs and aid the disadvantaged. Attempting to drill our way to energy independence is not the answer, according to the Democratic platform, rather: “we must summon all of our ingenuity and legendary hard work and must invest in research and development, and deployment of renewable energy technologies such as solar, wind, geothermal, as well as technologies to store energy through advanced batteries and clean up our coal plants”.…show more content…
Beyond domestic oil, the Republican platform advocates to pursue, "dramatic increases in the use of all forms of safe, affordable, reliable and clean nuclear power". This, they believe, will expand the labor force, "with nearly 15,000 high quality jobs created for every new nuclear plant built." Alternate power sources like solar, wind,
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