Uranium Stockpile Argumentative Essay

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Research Paper Iran has practically tripled their uranium enrichment to almost 20%. The increase in uranium enrichment stifled the US with fear of their close capability of creating nuclear weapons. The Iranian nuclear program originated in the 1950’s with the help of the United States as a result of the Atoms for Peace Program. Iran’s program remained intact until the revolution in 1979, when the program was disbanded. However, the program was restarted during the Iran-Iraq war, but on a very small scale. The program expanded over time from there on out and has grown to be a much larger operation. The program consists of uranium mines, reactors and stockpiles. Iran also opened their first nuclear power plant in 2011 (Grier 1-3). Iran claims the recent uranium stockpile is specifically for the use of their peaceful energy program; however, the United States and other P5 countries share the concern that the stockpile and dramatic production increase needs to be stopped immediately, preventing Iran from creating nuclear weapons. Iran’s nuclear program is assumed to be capable of creating a nuclear weapon within the next year. In a speech addressed to the UN General Assembly Netanyahu physically drew a red line on a diagram of a cartoon bomb under a divided section marked, “final stage” (Nichols 1). Netanyahu and other experts suggest that if uranium enrichment stockpiles remain at these levels or increase, Iran will be capable of nuclear weapons and sooner than expected. Netanyahu’s illustration for his speech approximates Iran is 90 percent along the way to the creation of nuclear weapons. This potential is threatening to Israel, the United States and virtually any other nation in the world. Obama and Netanyahu have had many disagreements on the urgency of militant action against the program and Iran; they do not disagree particularly that military action will
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