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INTRODUCTION. Puberty rite is a rite of passage and or ritual event that marks a person's progress from one status to another. In Ghana, the different ethnic groups have their own set of rituals to mark the transitioning of young girls into adulthood, for example the Akans celebrate Bragoro, the Krobo’s celebrate Dipo, etc. This paper will focus on the Dipo custom celebrated by the Krobo people found in the Eastern Region of Ghana. It is believed that when a girl successfully goes through this ritual, before she is “touched” by a man; she will become a good wife. This practice deters pre-marital sex and unwanted teenage pregnancies. The deep sense of belonging is part of the inspiration for the initiates to participate in the practice. The Dipo custom is not celebrated today as in the old days. It has become more pagan and outmoded. In this paper, I will discuss the history behind and the significance of this ritual. In addition, I will talk about how the Religion, formal education, and modern intrusions have affected this custom today. The Dipo tradition is a ritual in itself and also involves a number of practices performed within it. Throughout the process of initiation, ancestors and deities are often called upon for blessings and protection. This is essential because it is a means by which initiates are made increasingly aware of the Krobo traditional belief systems. It is believed that, the life of a human being is a developmental process that comprises of a number of stages from conception to death, with each stage having substantial effects on the individual as well as the community. Every single Krobo girl is expected to go through these rites otherwise she will by no means be entirely accepted as a Krobo woman. There is the belief among the Krobo people dating from prehistoric times, that, no Krobo girl can become a mature Krobo woman or a worthy

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