Jamiaca Kinkaid Essay

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Culture and Women In “Girl” by Jamaica Kincaid, and “How to date a browngirl, blackgirl, whitegirl or halfie” by Junot Diaz, both authors elaborate on culture, and how it shapes the outlook on women. In Jamaica Kincaid's “Girl” a mother enforces her cultures strong beliefs on appropriate female behavior onto her daughter. To do so, she displays her parental authority with a series of short commands influenced by her culture. A sense of naivety can be seen in the young girl after questioning her mother's request. The culture associated with “Girl” has a definite attitude towards women, believing they should live a modest, conservative lifestyle. In Diaz’s “How to date a browngirl, blackgirl, whitegirl or halfie”, the cultural associations with women is widespread and varies between race. Although not stated, one can suggest that the dialogue is between a teenage boy and a younger male relative. The older boy is authoritative pushes his advice on how to treat a woman based on her culture, and race. While he suggests how to kindly treat one race of women, he emphasizes on how to womanize another. The culture associated with “How to date a browngirl, blackgirl, whitegirl, or halfie”, believes that women will act accordingly, and should be treated based on their own culture and race. In “Girl” by J.Kincaid and “How to date a browngirl, blackgirl, whitegirl or halfie” by J.Diaz both authors describe how culture influences the outlooks, and stereotypes on women. The expectations of females seen in “Girl” revolves around a strict set of cultural rules for women. Through oral transitions the girl’s mother spreads the beliefs of their culture. The idea that her daughter will evolve into a good nurturer is based on her cultural society’s belief of a woman's communion. This is the belief that women who are naturally good caregivers are better at finding men who
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