Dinosaurs Before Dark

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Dinosaurs Before Dark Written by: Mary Pope Osborne Illustrated by: Sal Murdocca The initial setting of the story is in Frog Creek, Pennsylvania. It is there that Jack and Annie, the two main characters discover a tree with a ladder hanging down that leads up to a tree house. Once they enter the tree house, Jack an Annie find bunches of books. After finding a dinosaur book and “wishing” they could go there, Jack and Annie discover that it is a magic tree house, since they do in fact go to where the dinosaurs are. The setting then changes to the Cretaceous period, when dinosaurs were alive. While in this time, they find lots of dinosaurs, some nice, some not so nice. Annie feeds flowers to one, after stumbling upon its nest and Jack gets chased by another, very mean dinosaur, called a Tyrannosaurus Rex. Annie found dinosaur nests and Jack found a gold medallion. After running from the T Rex, they went back to the tree house and “wished” they were home. Nothing happen this time and that is when Jack realized that his backpack, as well as the dinosaur book, was not with them in the tree house, but instead on the ground. Jack ran down to get the book and the T Rex came back! He then saw Annie telling a flying dinosaur to go and rescue Jack. The flying dinosaur came, rescued Jack, and took him back to the tree house. After getting to the tree house, closely followed by the T Rex, Jack and Annie scrambled to find the book in it that was about Pennsylvania. Once they found it, they “wished” they were back in Frog Creek. Suddenly, the wind blew, the tree house spun, and there they were, back in Frog Creek

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