Book Report On James And The Giant Peach

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Title: James and the Giant Peach Illustrator: Lane Smith Summary: James Henry Trotter is a four year old boy whose parents get eaten up by a rhinoceros, which escaped from the London Zoo. James, is sent to his nasty two aunts Sponge and Spiker.They treat him terribly and work him very hard. He is very lonely, and wishes for friends. One day, a man in a green suit gives James a white paper bag with magical green crystals. He tells James to mix the crystals with water, and to swallow them. He promises James that if he does this, wonderful things will happen. James accidentally trips right near a peach tree, drops the bag, and the crystals fall to the ground. Although he tries to pick them up, they sink into the ground. A large peach starts to grow from the old peach tree. The peach grows to be the size of a house. The two greedy aunts decide to charge people money to see the giant peach, which has begun growing on their property. One night after all the visitors left, James is sent outside to clean up the banana skins and orange peels which were left by the visitors. James discovers that there is a tunnel in the peach. He crawls in and finds an earthworm, a grasshopper, a spider, a ladybug, and a silkworm. Each of these creatures is quite large, but James soon comes to realize that they are friendly, and won’t harm him. The creatures all want to get away from the property of the two greedy aunts. Therefore, the centipede bites through the stem of the peach which was attached to the tree. The peach begins to roll away. Aunt Sponge and Aunt Spiker get smashed by the rolling peach, which destroys a lot as it goes along. The peach rolls and rolls and ends up in the ocean. James and all the creatures soon realize that they are surrounded by sharks who want to eat the giant peach. All of the creatures turn to James to find a way to

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