Different Styles of Communication Between: Men and Women

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Different Styles Of Communication Between: Men and Women In the world, without importance what is the country exists the difference between men and women, principle in the styles of communication, this usually happen in families, couple and overall the society in general, most of women use to say what they really think about some situation, what they want and what they are waiting for while men hide their feeling, being more reserved about how they feel in different moments of their life and showing that they are very different than women in all the ways. Basically, the styles of communication between a woman and a man are about the body language. For example when a man gets in troubles with his girlfriend not most of them show what feel, even if They are sad or know that they are guilty about about what have happened and don’t pay too much Attention but it’s totally the opposite for women, because they really show with the body language How they feel, they use to tell their friends what’s going on in the relationship with their boyfriends and Try to look for the best solution for the problem between them and their boyfriends. Furthermore, the women’s style of communication commonly have to be by trying to dominate a communication in a good way and men don’t do this, they get angry easily without talking first or hear the other person’s point of view, they just argue back and a small problem make it bigger and bigger instead of finish it, where the styles of communication between men and women are not compatible because of how different they are. In Conclusion, the styles of communication between a woman and man result to have complications and relevant differences, such as women and men choice words, the loudness , the tendency to interrupt and more differences that in the real world is too visible and very

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