Differences And Similarities Between Antigone And Creon

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Taylor Hudson English 105 Mrs. Hilton December 7, 2008 Antigone Creon and Antigone are two very different yet similar people. They have their have certain traits about them which compare to the other. These traits are often created by the environment they grew up in and past experiences which have affected their out look on life. These are what mold people into who they are when they grow up and we continue to change from each experience. However even though they may be from two separate classes or social groups, they can experience the same things and become very similar to one another. This is because classes are not what mold people into who they are, it is the way people interpret things while in these classes. Classes can play a…show more content…
Creon and Antigone were very stubborn people who were not willing to change their decisions no matter what the consequences or the effect it will have on other people as long as they get what they want. In the beginning of the story when Antigone is trying to convince her sister to properly berry their brother she wouldn’t change her mind. No matter how many points her sister brought up to make here “think about the danger!” (1. Prologue. 34) and “what Creon will do!” (1. Prologue. 34) to her if she went against the him. She was dead set on her decision and to her “Creon is not strong enough to stand in my way” (1. Prologue.35). Creon was very stubborn when he decided to execute Antigone with a spur of the moment decision, he wouldn’t change his mind no matter who talked to him, it was his way or the highway. They are also the same in the fact that they want to make themselves happy and only them, they don’t care about anyone else as long as it’s what works for them. By doing this it effects every decision they make, often in the wrong direction. Often times ignoring what the consequences to those around them may…show more content…
For Antigone and Creon these consequences were very extreme. Antigone in reality killed her sister and fiancé by deciding to berry her dead brother, even though everyone around her begged her not to. By choosing to berry her brother she forced her uncle to not only kill her but everyone around her who she loved. She became so lonely when she was forced into captivity that she killed herself. All this because of one decision she made to berry her brother caused her life to fall apart and everyone she loved to disappear. This was in some ways similar to the consequences that Creon had to face with the decision. He was left alone with no one because he killed his family; he killed his own son because its what he thought was right for the town. He didn’t know that his decision was going to force him to live alone. All of this was because they were too stubborn and selfish to change their mind or listen to other peoples view. They both were forced to lie in the bed they made for

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