The Importance Of Murder In Harlan Coben's Tell No One

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In society, people will go to extreme measures to keep the ones they love safe. Whether it’s providing a small child with a car seat, or installing a very expensive house alarm, their intentions are always directed towards protecting loved ones. In Harlan Coben’s Tell No One, Elizabeth Beck has to make a risky and difficult decision to fake her own death, motivated by the will to protect her beloved husband David. This decision was also made by the desire to protect her parents and friends, and to stop Griffin Scope from spreading the evil that his son’s tragic murder has infected him with. In order to protect the ones she cares about and fool Griffin Scope, she chooses to convince everybody that she no longer exists. David Beck’s safety is Elizabeth’s number one priority. According to her, his survival comes first (226). At the beginning of the story, Elizabeth is accused of murdering infamous Griffin Scope’s son, Brandon. Angry and hungry for revenge, he hires a couple of men to kill her and her husband. But the plan doesn’t work out entirely like he had planned, and Elizabeth manages to escape, convincing most people (with the help of her father and uncle) that she had been killed. She believes that this option will lead to the safety and protection of David,…show more content…
The dangerous billionaire had been convinced that she had killed his son Brandon, when in reality, she didn’t. But her word isn’t good enough for this prestigious man, and therefore his new life interest isn’t money, it’s her death. And this means the death of her loved ones, which she cannot bear to have happen. She considered her decision to be the only solution. But according to her, she’s really tired of running (216). So she takes her chances and returns home, but that unfortunately resulted in the death of her best friend. Griffin Scope is a powerful and rich man, but has very little mercy to
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