Theme Of Loneliness In Frankenstein

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Ashleigh Forsell English 2 Loneliness is an important theme in Mary Shelly’s Frankenstein; as the creature, Dr. Frankenstein and Robert Walton all exhibit it. The creature is lonely because after Dr. Frankenstein creates him he abandoned him out of fear. This abandonment led to the creature becoming violent. Dr Frankenstein isolates himself after he realizes he has created a monster. Robert Walton is also lonely because he has never had a real friend and confides in Dr. Frankenstein about his dilemma. Walton's loneliness is chosen and is derived from being a failed poet who wants something exciting to happen to him. Walton's loneliness is shown by the letters he sends to his sister and it becomes clear that Walton is the first lonely person the novel. The fact that Walton is not writing to a friend or wife brings up the fact that he may have no one else to write to. Walton…show more content…
He makes himself sick working so much, isolating himself while working on the creature. Victor emotionally isolates himself when he realizes that he created a monster. Since Victor isolated himself, he was eventually able to return to society when he received a letter from his wife, Elizabeth. He returns home unlike the creature that did not have a home to return to. The lonliness caused by the creature killing Victor’s family caused Victor to isolate himself from the rest of the world he became very depressed because he lost many members of his family. "William, Justine, and Henry-they all died by my hands"(137). The theme of loneliness is one of he most important themes in Frankenstein. While some choose to be alone and some do not, this factor is the only thing the three characters seem to have in common. Mary Shelly shows that society is judgmental based on looks and intelligence through the creature and through Walton and Dr. Frankenstein that having no one to share your ideas with can result sometimes in

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