Devry University Swot Analysis

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DeVry University is a part of DeVry Education foundation which deals with the high profit educational organization. It is also the parent organization for Keller Graduate School of Management Studies, Ross University etc. This university came into existence in the year 1931 with the name DeForest Professional Training school and officially recognized as DeVry University in the year 2002. The university has 80,000+ students enrolled in both the graduate as well as undergraduate programs. Since 1975, almost 237000 students have been graduated. The university has its presence with 90+ campuses throughout North America which offers the degrees in information technology, science, business areas and management (DeVry University, 1931). Mission Statement:…show more content…
The quality is not compromised with the cost factor and thus becomes the strength with increased profits. Second, it has its own established brand name which serves as a major strength as compared to its competitors. These strengths can be considered as a distinctive strength because both the low cost and brand name positioning serves a competitive advantage which in turn leads to more profitability and major share in achieving the industry trusts as well as confidence. Weaknesses: First, Customer Service is the parameter for which DeVery needs to put hard woks for it. Second, the quality of the degree should be improved in order to stand apart from its competitors. It should work hard on the quality parameters which being an educational institution requires meeting the industry needs. These organization needs to minimize its weaknesses in order to grab the market share and stability. The possible measure that can be adopted is to work upon the areas where the university is lacking that is their service parameter; they need to increase its customer service through evaluation of the service delivery mechanism. The quality should be managed but not compromised at the cost (Lalitha,…show more content…
DeVry University has the weaknesses in customer services with huge impact on quality parameters following with the opportunities to overcome through better online offerings as well as educational programs in order to grab large market share and has a threat related to the Government Regulation for the profit oriented education industry (Govindarajulu, 1990). The DeVry University can capitalize on the opportunities that are occurring from the dimensions from within the general environment by working on the areas with better online offerings as well as educational programs and the University can neutralize the threats that are occurring from the dimensions from within the general environment through dealings with the Government Regulations as well as its intervention. It can also neutralize its effect through long term acquisition of the market share with the market innovation and with very low impact of substituted Universities (Lalitha,

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