California Community Colleges System Analysis

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The California Community Colleges System consists of over one hundred community colleges (112 to be exact) in seventy-two community college districts in California. It is the largest system of higher education in the world, serving more that 2.4 million students with a wide variety of educational and career goals. The defnition of a chancellor is a leader of a college or university, usually wither the executive or ceremonial head of the university or of a university campus. The newly appointed chanvellor, Dr. Brice W. Harris, is no stranger to holding a higher power. Prior to being selected as the leader of the largest system of higher education in the nation Harris served sixteen years as chancellor of the Los Rios Community College District in the Sacramento region, president of Fresno City College and a faculty member and vice chancellor in the Kansas City, Mo., community college system. Dr. Brice W. Harris represents a great region of colleges. He represents all the community colleges in California, over 2.4 million students. He represents the fifty-seven thousand staff members in California. He has the power to control the students’ education; he decides whether to close City College of San Francisco. Sources…show more content…
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