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Executive Summary This report aims to gather information on Ipsos a research agency that is a business to business organization which provides consulting services to different organizations. The report is divided into the following: 1. Introduction which will include: Problem Statement – Business marketing problem existing in the organization. Identify the organization and its position in the market Competition to Ipsos - ACNielsen Strengths and weaknesses of the company Relationship of the organization with its business customers Channels used to deliver services The marketing strategy of the company Implementation of strategies emphasizing on the business marketing 2. Two to three Strategic Alternatives 3. Recommendations for the business marketing issue faced by the organization Introduction: Business to Business, as the name suggests deals with all the interactions that go on between organizations. It basically comprises of business that sell their products or services to other businesses that might be directly connected to the end user. The objective of my report is to select a business to business organization that interacts with other business and identify a business marketing problem of the organization. I have chosen to report on the dealings of a research agency, Ipsos. Founded in 1975, Ipsos is a multinational independent publicly listed company in its field that is managed by managed by research professionals with headquarters in Paris. It’s ranked third among the global survey-based research agencies. Total revenues earned in 2008 by Ipsos were 979.3 million Euros and it has offices spread out in 64 countries. Research is conducted in over 100 countries. Ipsos has around 8800 full time employees worldwide and caters to over 5000 clients world over and it conducts about 10 million interviews each year. Since 1999, Ipsos was traded on

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