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Determinants of Employee Turn Essay

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Shweta Jha1 ABSTRACT Employee turnover has always been a matter of concern for organizations. A large degree of employee turnover is highly detrimental to both the organization as well as the employees. Turnover has an impact over the organization’s costs relating to recruitment and selection, personnel process and induction, training of new personnel and above all, loss of knowledge gained by the employee while on job. Additionally, it results in understaffing which in turn lead to decreased effectiveness and productivity of the remaining staff. Turnover may have a negative impact on the employee as well. The individual may loose non-vested benefits and may be a victim of the “grass looks greener” phenomenon. Most often, turnover intention is consequential to actual quitting behavior. Hence, it is imperative to understand the determinants of turnover intentions so as to arrest the outflow of key personnel and retain competitive edge. This paper reviews existing literature on employee turnover and turnover intentions in order to develop a composite view on the subject and suggest a remedial plan of action to defuse employees’ intentions to quit and augment their effectiveness.


Senior Lecturer, Apeejay School of Management, New Delhi



Employee turnover may be understood as the employee leaving the organization or profession voluntarily. It has been observed that voluntary turnover is an interdisciplinary and multidimensional construct. The problem of voluntary turnover stretches beyond the gamut of employee and organization. The concept of voluntary turnover can be explicated only when it is accepted as a combination of social, economic, and psychological processes (Udechukwu et al., 2007). Further, studies indicate that voluntary turnover is an upshot of employee initiating the termination of their employeeorganization relationship (see Lambert, 2001, for example)....

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