SLS 1321: Career Skills

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SLS 1321 Career Skills Week 5 Individual Work Job Offers Assignment Instructions | To complete this assignment: 1. Reflect on the information presented in this week’s lesson. 2. Provide an insightful response to each question in less than two paragraphs. 3. State all references you used to answer the question, including at least 2 references to your textbook. 4. Review the example of an excellent response and revise your response, as needed. | Save and Submit to Dropbox | 1. Save your work as a Microsoft Word (.docx) file that includes your name, course code, and assignment title in the file name. For example: StudentLearner_SLS1321_Week5_IW_Worksheet.docx. 2. Submit your assignment: a. Go to the Dropbox. b. Click Submit Assignment. c. Click the drop-down menu to select Week 5: Individual…show more content…
If economic conditions require you to accept a job that is not exactly what you are aiming for, how can you best approach the new job? What are the benefits of doing so? (Harwood, 2013, p. 262) | Please type your response to Question 1 here: I would consider all aspects of the job offer. The jobs company, the compensation package, growth opportunities and etc. | 2. Is it more advantageous for the applicant or the interviewer to bring up the subject of salary first? Why? (Harwood, 2013, p. 262) | Please type your response to Question 2 here:Whenerever possible Always let the interviewer bring up The topic of salary and benefits. Bringing up the topic of compensation to soon could shift the focus away from your qualification and cost you the job. | 3. What is an appropriate response when an interviewer asks what salary you are looking for? (Harwood, 2013, p. 262) | Please type your response to Question 3 here:“ What figure or range is the company planning to pay?’

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