Descriptive Essay on Running Marathon

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Nicholas Cook-Rostie Richard E. Brown Engc 1101-13 1 February 2013 The Journey of 26.2 Miles I have always loved to push myself and challenge my body to find out what it is capable of. In order to start my new endeavor of running 26.2 miles, I was going to need the right equipment and a training plan. I was going to need to find some likeminded people who were also crazy enough to run a marathon. I was in luck, because the sport of running, especially that of long distance has grown hugely in the past forty years There are now multiple marathons ran every year in cities all over America. Running a marathon and crossing the finish line was a bet I wanted to win. I had the fire of motivation burning inside me to accomplish this goal, and I just needed the training and discipline to finish. Many people do not understand why someone would want to put themselves through months of preparation and commitment to run a grueling 26.2 miles. My journey started back in the summer of 2011. I was working full time as a manager at Arby’s, when a fellow coworker challenged me with a $100 bet to see who could complete the Twin Cities Marathon with the fastest time. Little did I know the journey that I was about to embark upon from accepting this challenge. The thought of running 26.2 miles seemed like an impossibly daunting task, but I love to challenge myself and push my body to its limits. At that point in my life I had never ran more than 3 miles in my life. In addition, the thought of doing something at such a young age when most people only have the audacity to dream of running a marathon really gave me the drive to complete the race. Now that I was motivated to run 26.2 miles, I had to figure out the process of completing this goal. I scoured the internet, bought a book to try and get information on how to finish the marathon in the shortest time possible. Then

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