Describe The Difference Between Haitian And American Culture

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mariah jean My Experince Living in Haiti and America Many people in Haiti are connected by strong pride for country and love for culture. I enjoyed the Carnival celebration because it brought joy to the community. Some of my biggest challenges as well as best times happened while I was in school. At the end of this essay the reader will know the difference between Hatian and American education from my personal point of view. One of the good thingsabout education in Hati for me was good teachers. They taught me to memorize many lessons and topics with out having to look back over notes. My third grade teacher, Mrs. Eugene helped me stay focus by implementing a reward system. I loved to draw during this age and so I constantly ran out of supplies. She…show more content…
I had a reason to do my best and she brought that characteristic out of me. Even better than being rewarded for memory was when I learned to have fun while learning. The most prevalent experince of this for me was in my tenth grade year of high school in America. I moved to America and thought I would not fit in with society. However, when I started school I integrated well with the other students and found that many were interested in my Hatian culture. I learned to be a stronger, self confident, and self reliable woman through my experiences during my first school year in America. By the eleventh grade I already had a job and could buy some of the girly things I liked and still go to school. I would not be able to do that if I lived in Haiti and so I appreciate it. In order to be able to

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