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Cultural Background Paper Soc/100 November 30, 2010 Twyler Earl Cultural Background Several diverse immigrants from every part of the world migrated to America. Many gathered together in groups of the same ethnicity, some gathered together with the same common class and others wanted to be free from the troubles in their current social class. All ethnicities came to America in hope to live a better and free life. Presently, there are several different cultures in America today, such as the African American also known as Black American culture, which are the cultures that will I explain thus far. Norms African Americans are very family oriented and spiritual, yet many are Christians and some are Muslims. African Americans are…show more content…
Hood life consists of bling-bling, money, fancy cars, drugs, drug dealers, and gangs. I can say I am glad I have a family that has had the best of both worlds, meaning they have experienced real life and street life. This allows me to get insight into which way I would like to live my life. I will admit in the past I chose to live in the streets my parents were not happy with this and they did their best to stir me in the right direction. I enjoyed the street life as long as life was going good but when thing got tough I always ran home to mother and father. Finally I realized that my life and my future was more important that material things. I am grateful to be an American because of the advancement opportunities and the education here is extraordinary, therefore, as long as I am willing to learn a teacher or a book is waiting to educate me. I can say I emphasize daily to my children that education is spiritual growth is the key to success. Summary American and African American ways of life have their similarities and I am grateful to have experience both. Americans are more conservative and African Americans believe more in family and spiritual beliefs. Our traditions and values are somewhat different but we love the same. Education is important but not emphasizes enough in the black American society. I allow my children to make their own decision

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